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California Personal Injury & Accident Lawyers

The Killino Firm has successfully handled a wide variety of personal-injury cases for clients throughout the state of California. Our highly-trained and knowledgeable team can provide you with aggressive assistance in cases involving

Each member of The Killino Firm’s team of lawyers is dedicated to obtaining the compensation and justice to which our clients are entitled. We understand the pain and anguish an injury or death may cause and the significant increase in that pain that comes from knowing that your injuries would not have occurred had it not been for someone’s negligence or a defective product.

For aggressive legal representation and guidance, contact The Killino Firm’s highly-trained and knowledgeable team at 877-875-2927 today.

By helping you hold those responsible for your injuries accountable for their negligence, we also help to prevent similar injuries from occurring to others. If you have suffered an injury due to another’s lack of care for your safety, The Killino Firm will vigorously fight on your behalf for the justice you deserve.

The Killino Firm Lawyers: The Legal Team That Fights for Your Rights

The Killino Firm’s nationally-recognized and highly-trained attorneys will do their utmost to obtain every measure of justice you are entitled to for the injuries and suffering you have endured. Our work begins the moment you call us and does not end until we have done everything in our power to hold the individuals and/or entities responsible for your injuries liable through legal action. You can trust your case to The Killino Firm and know that our attorneys will work hard for you—and with you—throughout the legal process.


Our car-accident and auto-accident lawyers have considerable experience with the investigations and issues peculiar to car- or auto-accident cases. The determination of issues related to the causation of such accidents and their resulting injuries can require extensive discovery, the use of sophisticated accident-scene technology, and the testimony of expert witnesses. The Killino Firm’s team of car-accident and auto-accident attorneys has the experience and knowledge to handle these and every other aspect of your accident case.

Our team will thoroughly investigate the possibility of the contribution of a defective product to the accident itself or to the injuries you sustained in the accident. We will just as aggressively investigate the possibility that a driver’s negligence contributed to the accident and your resultant injuries. In some cases, our lawyers have discovered that negligently-maintained roads or other such conditions have contributed to an accident, and we have brought those responsible for such conditions to justice, as well.


Personal-injury actions seek liability for a wide range of injuries that may be sustained in myriad ways. The Killino Firm’s personal-injury lawyers have extensive knowledge of and experience with the law of personal injury. We understand the expertise and tireless investigation required to successfully litigate an action for injuries caused by a defective product, a complex accident, or medical malpractice.

Our personal-injury attorneys know from considerable experience how to investigate the different types of personal-injury cases, to elicit valuable testimony from witnesses with knowledge and information relevant to a case, and to competently and thoroughly assess the damages you have suffered as a result of your injuries. Whether your injuries were caused by a defective product or someone’s negligence, we are here to help you obtain every bit of the compensation those who caused your injuries should be required to pay.


Our accident lawyers have handled cases involving accidents that have occurred on someone’s land, in schools and on playgrounds, in gyms and on sports fields, in motor vehicles, and in children’s cribs. Accidents can occur anywhere, and when they occur as a result of someone’s negligence or a defective product, the Killino Firm’s accident attorneys are here to help the victims of those accidents achieve the justice they deserve from the individuals or entities who are responsible for their injuries.

In many cases, an employee of a company has failed to take reasonable care for the safety of the company’s customers or of individuals who are present on the company’s premises. In cases in which the negligence of an employee was a cause of a client’s injuries, our lawyers will seek a finding of liability on the part of not only the individual employee but the company for which the employee was working when the accident that led to the injury occurred.


Many of the injuries sustained as a result of someone’s carelessness or a defective product ultimately or immediately result in the victim’s death. The Killino Firm’s wrongful-death lawyers realize that the pain suffered by the family members of these victims may be the worst pain they will ever endure and that the need to find some sense of justice from those who have caused the loss of a loved one may be satisfied, at least to some extent, by the institution of a wrongful-death action against the persons or entities responsible for the death.

The Killino Firm’s wrongful-death attorneys will handle your wrongful-death claim with the compassion and sensitivity you need at this vulnerable time and will aggressively pursue justice from those responsible for your family member’s death. An award of monetary damages cannot replace a family member. But, it will help ease the financial burden of your loss and provide the satisfaction of knowing that those responsible have been brought to justice.


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Motorcycle and truck accidents often involve complex issues of causation and catastrophic damages. Our motorcycle-accident lawyers and truck-accident lawyers have litigated numerous accident cases, and are thoroughly acquainted with the technology and expert testimony that may be required to litigate such cases. The Killino Firm’s team of motorcycle-accident attorneys and truck-accident attorneys will conduct an exhaustive investigation of the drivers as well as the vehicles involved in your accident to determine if a driver’s negligence or a defective vehicle or vehicle component contributed to the accident that caused your injuries.


Birth and brain injuries are among the most devastating injuries handled by The Killino Firm. Our birth-injury lawyers and our brain-injury lawyers understand the complex law of birth and brain injuries and have the medical knowledge necessary to aggressively and successfully try these multi-faceted cases. The Killino Firm’s birth-injury attorneys and brain-injury attorneys will do everything in their power to obtain the compensation you deserve in your birth- or brain-injury case.


Medical professionals are among the people in whom we routinely place the greatest amount of trust. In most cases, our trust is justified and the care we receive is exemplary. In other cases, medical malpractice may result in someone’s injury or death. The Killino Firm’s malpractice lawyers and medical-malpractice lawyers have seen and handled a great many such cases. Each one is as important as the others and each one deserves and is given our all. You can place your trust in our malpractice attorneys and medical-malpractice attorneys as we guide you through your malpractice action.